Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Food and Flowers

Today was a sunny, springlike day. When I walked into work the shop and coolers were filled with flowers. The Tuesday order box was filled with lots of work and my iced grande skim latte was on the work table along with a new mystery one of my bosses had just finished. Nice, very nice,

What really made my heart sing though was the basket and box and bags full of food. Last week, after we had all made our heartfelt donations to Haiti, we decided to act locally. We started a food drive for the Arlington Pantry. It feeds over a 1000 families a week and was feeling the pinch of the post holidays. We made signs and sent out emails to our mailing list. By 9:10 the next morning, the first customer was there with bags of food. 3 days later and the food keeps coming. And my smile keeps growing.


  1. It's easy to forget that you're neighbors are hungry, too. I hope your food drive gains lots of momentum!

  2. Thank you, we do too. What a beautiful blog you have. Thanks for leading me there.

  3. that's what it's all about - isn't it.

  4. Saw you came by to visit Farmhouse so I came to visit you and look what I find...something to make me smile....love this...just wonderful...

    and we have doggy-love ( and kitty too)over here...you'll see me talk alot about my guys on my blog too.....

    I'll be happy to follow you along too....

    more later,
    kary and buddy

  5. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment! :)

  6. Heather, that is what it's all about: inclusion.
    and blueberries of course!

    Welcome Kary and buddy, Thank you. So happy we've met in cyperspace. I'm exited to follow another dog lover, haven't met any yet.

  7. um, cyberspace. better eat dinner. can't spell.