Monday, December 7, 2009

the groaning board

i'm feeling very full after this weekend. the hai, german girls father was in town for the weekend. this means much food. sushi, sushi, sushi on saturday night. sunday morning brunch compliments of The German Store and Alexandria Pastry Shop, the first provided sausages, cold cuts, smoked liverwurst,and a coarse ground teawurst, whole grain breads, one traditionally baked in a wood oven. the second store gave us, croissiants, currant scones , and cranberry muffins. i believe there were cheeses, condiments, pots of coffee and tea, but no identifiable fruits or vegetables. before we all succumbed to heart attacks, we drove into d.c. for a car tour of the hill and them a walk through two of my favourite museums: National Museum Of African Art and The Sackler Gallery. these filled me up on another level. the work of Yinka Shonibare filled my eyes and my heart. pictured here is The Swing. the entire museum is so worth a trip and not full of children, just incredible art and wonderful music. i dragged everyone up and down stairs to The Freer Gallery to have a sit in The Peacock Room. the picture says it all. ok, so there was more food to come, oyster stews and shepherd pies, black and tans for the drinkers, and maybe a bread pudding or two at Martin's in georgetown. we were very tired, we were very full. there was only time for tea and an impromptu tango lesson before bed.


  1. all in all looks like a lovely day!

  2. what an afternoon/day... i think i'm still in a food coma and it's tuesday!

  3. anonymous. thank you it was!

    n. are you delusional from the food?