Friday, November 20, 2009


i'm home, feeling a little anxious. our roomate, he-man, had surgery today on the torn ligament in his right bicep. he's not home yet, so no news. his brother drove down from pittsburg today to take him to the hospital and give support. he also brought food. there is a large container of brownies to the left of the computer. i can't figure how to open it ( i'm no good with rubbermaid products) but tini, the other german girl, had two and pronounced them delicious. there is a larger container of his chicken soup in the refrigerator ,a huge bag of carrots and other containers of food i can't open or identify. but i highly approve and can't wait to meet the brother. any cook is a friend of mine. so while i wait, not patiently, i'll post photos of 2 beautiful wreath that came into the shop from california. the first is a mix of eucalyptus seeds and berries.the second, all blue privet berries. i love them both. i want them both. they are not too beautiful for me.


  1. Oh, boy - I totally want that square berry wreath...just got home from Princess Pine Weekend With Da Family. We made 42 wreaths...more descripts' in person. Tired just thikin' about it, but can't wait to tell. Don't you dare get rid of that square one, or I shall surely die. Well, you know - it won't be 'that' bad....

  2. sold one square one on saturday, have one left....cpme by and bring me a princess pine one. i'll take a pic of it!