Thursday, November 5, 2009

still life with artichokes

i went to the wholesaler today and finally remembered to bring my camera. visions of beautiful pictures (how could i miss) danced in my head but, alas, not in the eye of the camera. two friends of ours are getting married this weekend and i want the flowers, if not the pics of the flowers, to be beautiful. i got ornamental purple kale, little purple artichokes, bright orange hypericum berries, dahlias, an incredible big brown rose " coffee break", bright blue alpine thistle , pistachio berries on and on and on. i took the opportunity to lament i wasn't chosen as the new white house florist, i wasn't even a contender. though i was assured it was a thankless job, i would like to have had a chance to say no thank you! oh hell, they probably wouldn't have let me bring the lab to work anyway.

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