Wednesday, November 18, 2009

soup glorious soup

i'm hungry. as i'm writing this i'm making the simplest tomato soup know to woman. i finely diced a small red onion, a carrot and a couple of cloves of garlic. sauteed that ,then added a can of good plum tomatoes squished up in the can. sauteed those with a 1/2 tsp. of thyme. after 10 minutes i added 3 to 4 cups of chicken stock, more salt and pepper and let it simmer. then i used my hand held immersion blender and remembered to leave it in the soup. this time it actually pureed the vegetables and didn't splatter them all over the stove. success. i sprinkled the soup with some parmesan cheese and ate it with a grilled gouda sandwich on panne bread. the actual consumption of this dinner didn't take place till 9:00pm, because of phone calls and neighbors stopping by. but it was as good as i had imagined when i started writing and cooking at 7:30. oops, forgot to mention i cooked some orzo on the side and added a couple of spoonfuls to the bowl of soup. i never miss an opportunity to sneak in extra carbs.


  1. Glorious - I've been finishing one soup (chicken - the tubetti pasta; I added too much and it got bigger, requiring more stock) - and prepping another, soaking black & kidney beans for a beany mix with chunks of buttermilk squash. Feelin' vitamin deficient. The simplest ones are best though. Wish I knew how to cook for less than an army. Freezer too small!

  2. everything sounds delicious! nele taught me the trick of cooking the pasta separately, tossing is with a little olive oil and adding it to the individual bowls of soup. this keeps soup from becoming too thick and pasta doesn't get overcooked.

  3. Well, now - that's a great trick! Gonna write it down somewhere. And subsequently lose it, prolly...