Monday, November 30, 2009

pebble soup

rainy monday night. i wanted to make something simple for dinner, so i could devote a chunk of time to reading the new food and wine, last week's new yorker and of course, peruse some blogs. i decided on a tomato based soup with some onions, carrots, garlic and a cup of lentils, added chicken stock, salt, pepper, crushed red peppers and a bay leaf. foolproof? not so fast, the lentils must have been put in my cupboard before christ. it simmered and simmered, i blended some, added more chicken stock, put in slices of spicy italian chicken sausage. i made some delicious garlicky croutons to float on top. cooked a bit of pasta to add to bowl. and cooked and cooked. i'm still cooking. i'm still hungry. threw out rest of lentils. may they soften in hell. ps. it's tuesday night, the soup was ready to eat after 4 hours of cooking.. delicious with a teeny bite. i ate and felt a little happier. today at work my coworker, betty, made some sweet little trees in tea cups and a brandy snifter. they are made from, princess pine and two types of juniper. it's begining to smell a lot like christmas! now, i 'm very happy.

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