Sunday, November 15, 2009

sunday morning


it's a warm, sunny morning. the cat woke me up at 7:15, howling , she had to get outside asap. i'm creeping around trying not to wake anyone else. my latte is iced and the sunday times has been delivered. i've downloaded some photos from one of our weddings this weekend, and cruised a few blogs . blogging is quite an addiction. it's scarily perfect for someone who believes the unexamined life isn't worth living.


  1. ..I may live across the street now, but I hungrily keep coming back to see what's happening and what's for dinner. Thanks for the entertaining posts and the great pics. You're brilliant with words and your blog rocks, Jane D'.

  2. Hey, my comment didn't post! I'm wondering what the red bouquet is doing leaning on a bread, or roll, or am I just seeing things?

  3. hey anonymous, how do you enjoy being a featured player on said blog now?

    gwen, yes, alicia insisted on putting a red marbleized vase under the bouquet for the picture. no say.

  4. still not seein' it, but that's just me. part of my charm! Talk this week about December. Love.