Monday, October 26, 2009

pink with envy

our neighbor nelda has quite an impressive collection of salvias in her garden. this summer i ooohed over the size and name of " red neck girl", yesterday i fell head over heels for a mexican sage "el butano". it's big and bright and very pink and full strength blooming in late october. plant delights nursery here i come. in the interest of full disclosure ( i do live by the pentagon) i'm also desirious of her mt.airy fothergilla. sweet flowers in spring, lovely leaf shape all summer and fall colors, wow. we share a backyard with a swath of grass ( or some green weeds that have to be mowed) ,we both have berms planted with tall evergreens shielding us from the alley but there the similarities end. her plant selections are colorful and adventurous and always exciting to behold. and she still has some tomatoes growing. sheesh.


  1. thanks jane! you make my crazy plant hodgepodge sound sensible and beautiful! i love it. and yes, it's fresh tomatoes for lunch today. it pays to plant out of season(sometimes).

  2. you're welcome senorita anonymous. it is very beautiful to us. enjoy your lunch, nika sure enjoyed her bones last night!