Monday, October 5, 2009

down on the farm

i should be in my usual monday morning cleaning frenzy, but i'm sipping iced latte and looking at pictures from yesterdays' visit to our friend's farm in maryland. sad i'm such a sorry photographer, i would love to be able to capture the scope of all 5 acres of beauty: the orchard, the nuttery, the long beds, the vegetable beds, the pond full of open water lilies and the peacocks perched on every railing, the roof and wandering in and out of flower beds. the woods are full of blooming cyclamen ,the viburnum rich in orange and red berries and iris are reblooming everywhere. since i can't capture all this on my little sony camera, i'll content myself with eating a soft boiled egg from their chickens, eating a piece of toast spread with honey from their hives and posting a few shots of our garden walk. more later.

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