Tuesday, October 20, 2009

cream of the crop

actually, the last of the crop. now that the weather is sunny and warm again, i'm stealing every moment i can to put the garden to bed for the winter. today i was working in the vegetable beds and cutting down some perennials. my labors were rewarded, as always in a garden. i got a handful of peppers, 3 more gourds and an armful of flowers to make bouquets. the tall vase has cosmos,fall blooming anemones, callicarpa berries, purple hyacinth beans, blushing limelight hydrangea, baptisia foilage and verbena. the shorter vase smells delicious. it has bronze fennel fronds, au tumn joy sedum, baptisia pods, nandina berries and one coral geranium blossom. rewarding and appetite inducing. pork and peppers for dinner?


  1. love it! hopefully this weather will hold and we'll all get a chance to play outside this weekend!

  2. "...put the garden to bed for the winter." Such a nice phrase for this time of year. I love putting the garden to bed almost as much as waking the garden up in the spring. Margo told me about your blog so I'm checking it out (Blaise gave you a particularly nice cut I see).

  3. nele, i know , may the weather be nice sunday and we can have as much garden fun as we did last night!

    pam, great to have a new reader. i'm already dreaming spring. and thanks for the comments. everybody else responds on my facebook or email. lead the way!