Wednesday, September 23, 2009

how does she do it???

"she", being marie of "66squarefeet". i know she's a garden designer, i lived with a garden designer for 14 years, they're busy. they're very busy and come home hot, tired and dirty. so how does she manage to whip up these beautifully presented, beautifully photographed, delicious meals? here's what i managed to make on a monday night, my DAY OFF. a" what's in the fridge " frittata. red onion, green pepper and jalapeno from the garden, a little smoked ham and a shallot or two sauteed in olive oil and a touch of butter. then i added 8 (count 'em, yes 8 ) cholesterol be damned eggs whisked together with salt, pepper, about a cup of fresh parmesan cheese, and shredded basil. i poured the eggs over the veg/ham mixture , dotted top with feta, cooked gently over a low heat till bottom was set then popped in a 350 degree oven till cooked through, flipped over on plate, scattered more basil on top and served it with the possibly last cherokee purple tomato from our neighbor's garden,just splashed with delicious olive oil i received for my birthday and more basil. ok, there was a plate of liberally buttered toast too. sorry marie, you are my muse. must try harder!

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  1. :-) Who you calling hot tired and dirty!?

    Wot's wrong with frittata? Nice chopping action...

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