Monday, April 30, 2012

Flowers In La Casa Primavera

Sunday. In the house?

The flowers were the least of it.

The house was full of visitors from San Francisco and Switzerland.  They came to see the garden and hold the baby.  The sun shone, the baby chortled and we dragged all the chairs from the house and squeezed around the outside table for hours of eating, talking and dog whispering.

Before they came we brought the garden inside.  GG trimmed the fig tree to allow for easy passage and I filled a vase with the branches.  Instant buffet piece.

The window box was cleaned of its greens to allow for tasty eating.

Peonies were tucked about.


And irises were placed in nooks and crannies not so as to be seen but rather smelled.

(Yes that is grape soda you're smelling)


And right after they left, just before we fell into a deep nap, I got the money shot.  The picture that lets you fall asleep with a smile on your lips knowing all is right with the world.

The very heart of the tree peony.

And now? Your house?  Flowers?
Let's take a peek, shall we?


  1. Yay! So glad it's time for this again... and that tree peony is to die for! - Emma

  2. Flower time! Loving the peonies. Sinead x

  3. So much beauty and joy in one little post. Those green plates alternating with the others and the big leaves beneath them is a stunning scene. Now I suddenly need green plates. All the flowers tucked here and there are so sweet, and remind me why Georgia O'Keefe painted huge single flowers. She said something to the effect of, "I want people to realy see them."

    I never think of iris as having scents. Really?

  4. ahhh, the peony. i love them but they are v difficult to grow here. you are lucky. but you already knew that. xo janet

  5. You are so right on that shot of the peony, glorious. What I'm really loving though are the fig leaves, I can't get enough of them. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day.

  6. mmm this white peony!
    Beautiful one :)

  7. lovely photos...
    it must have been a grand day...
    no cutting flowers here, yet...
    still a bit too early..
    yours are fabulous!!!

    Linda :o)

  8. Now why didn't I think of iris? WIth 5 different bearded iris in my yard, I could have... Well, indoors iris turn into a mushy mess in my house. I don't have a florist secret.
    Happy FITH day.

  9. Linked. will be back later to read.

  10. Excited to see what everyone has in their home. Thanks Jane for hosting a fun event! Denise

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  12. Oh Jane...the tree peony! DEEEEELLIIISSSSHHHH!
    I can't wait for mine to bloom.
    Thanks for the FITH!!!

  13. aaahhh that tree peony shot just made my day too! What a peachy shot and what a perfect bloom. I have been chasing my tail all day long, and hope to post some flowery goodness before I zonk out on the sofa. xxx

  14. Love the fig leaves...first the delicious monster and now the fig, thank you for expanding my horizons! x

  15. I seem to be missing from the list...again...mind like a sieve lately. It's sad.

    But let me say that tree peony shot is

  16. Obedient unto death, me.....

  17. your flowers...always breath-taking.
    and i'm encouraged to bring my "garden gifts" in too.

  18. I love it all Jane...your fig tree clippings, your bright pink peony and that white one tinged with a little coral..I do love peonies!

  19. Incredibly beautiful tree peony, and I have always been a fan of how irises smell.
    Happy to have been able to cobble together a post this time around.

  20. Well, I'm happy to join the fan club for that fabulous tree peony. I don't think they're hardy here in Minnesota, but that's all the more reason to admire yours.

    And the fig leaves, how stunning! I love the idea of such a simple arrangement. I guess you'd call that a statement piece. I took some cuttings of large hosta leaves, but they didn't end up "going" with the lilacs. Maybe I'll put them in a vase by themselves.

    I do like that tucking single blooms here and there, too. I think I'll do that a little later in the season when more choices present themselves. Besides dandelions, I mean (not that I mind the dandelions ;~b a flower's a flower, for all that).

  21. I love all your quirky vases/containers. Isn't it odd how fragrant Iris are? Iris and petunias covered the terraced garden of my grandmother and i remember both had a heady fragrance.

  22. I'm afraid I messed up my linking - the form remembered me and posted my old flowers :-( Sorry...

    Your fig clippings might make new fig trees!

  23. The peonies are inspiring! I googled to see if they would grown in Zone 8 because I never see any here in South Georgia gardens. I may have to give my kinda green thumb a challenge and try the lovely peony! Thank you for hosting and sharing your lovelies!

  24. I just want to dive into the center of that peony and soak up the gorgeousness. It's be-u-ti-ful!

    thanks for organizing this flower-bonanza. xoxo

  25. Hi Jane,

    You must have been busy getting so much visitors and making the house and garden look beautiful! Love the flowers around your house. That peonie on your last photo looks amazing.

    Happy new week.

    Madelief x

  26. Missed the fun of participating again, but loving your beautiful pics and flowers. Next time.

  27. what a fun idea! I left an older post, but the flowers were the prettiest ever!!

  28. I am seriously jealous of that Fig tree!! Here in my hood their were a ton of old school Italian immigrants who planted Fig trees in their tiny backyards. My neighbors had a giant fig that would loom over into our garden. When the building sold, new homeowners went and chopped it down! I seriously cried for days. They said it attracted rats. They were the rats

  29. Ohhh peony short but so very sweet. That image is gorgeous Jane. Amanda xx