Monday, January 31, 2011

Flower Power

As promised, cue drum roll, the birth of Venus, a spring awakening, a reminder of gentler seasons for our friends in hotter climates or just some pictures of flowers around our house.  And yours I hope.

 Sunday was a sunny day here.  Perfect for leisurely placing flowers in vases and taking pictures in a contemplative state.  But oh no, we slept in late, had plans for brunch and shopping to do after.  So I offer you day and night.  In the morning I placed a branch of blooming quince in the living room and filled a stoneware vase with  some parrot tulips.  Vase courtesy of Goodwill.

 Later last night, I popped a few more flowers in bottles and scattered them around.  A couple of Juliette garden roses in an old bottle dug up by GG on a dog walk on Roosevelt Island and a shot size bottle of Patron tequila rescued from a New Years party.

Oh and two more bottles, one a former Balsamic vinegar holder, the other an airplane empty, both holding ranunculus and chillin' with Buddha..

And finally, one last stem of ranunculus in the hallway.

Now I ask you, what's in your wallet?  I mean house?  Bet you own more vases than I do.


  1. Swoony flowers at yours! Love that flowering Quince and all the pretty apricot colours. Also liking all the old bottles - they set of single blooms so well. All v stylish!

    Just a few potted bulbs at our gaff - but they make me feel like winter is nearly over and I love them for that. Looking forward to having a snoop at more flowers today - great idea of yours!

  2. I forgot!!!!!!!!!
    But I could never have produced anything like these beautiful bottle.
    I thought ranunculus were a spring it getting warm where you are?
    Love the images xoxo

  3. Am just about to post my meagre offerings right now - but can't match that beautiful flowering quince!

  4. Just beautiful Jane... maybe I will post tomorrow or later in the week - now...... do outside plants in containers count too? Love the tulips by the, Semi Expat XXX

  5. I can't throw any bottles away - everything is a potential vase! Love the blossom - can't wait for things to warm up here in England. Jan

  6. They perked up beautifully! Lovely.

    I'm playing, too :-)

  7. Garden roses is just showing off.

  8. Love it! These are my type of flower fixes. My fix this week is some hot pink anemones. I am totally loving the budding quince and your door colour!!! And I am taking the fifth on how many vases. Its a bit like my handbag collection!!!Sinead x

  9. i love this.
    you LIVE in flowers.
    i wish i could.
    ...or at least stick flowers in both ears of my clients so that i would have something lovely to look at while they are talking.
    xxx love

  10. Belinda, I love your bulbs and your house. Good sneak peak! Thanks for showing.

    Julienne, we're giving Australia another day to get it together! Ranunculus in from California. All we have here are tips of snowdrops.

    Rachel, I loved your offerings. And quince always trumps.

    Sarah, Anything goes. Outside containers, green with jealousy. Australia gets a pass. Post when you can.

    JWBlooms, Now the problem, where do we keep all these bottles? Waiting for snow to melt here...

    Marie, You're playing with 4 aces. Garden flowers, you lucky girl. Beautiful.

    Miss P., Sorry, but not really. Love your offerings!

    Urban Stems, Love your anemones. These posts are right up your alley, no?

    Renee, Or stick them in your ears so you can't hear the kvetching.

  11. Hi Jane. All of your flowers are lovely and my favorite is your flowering quince.

    I am waiting for the sun to come up, and out hopefully, to take my photos. It may have to wait until this afternoon.

    Have a grand Monday.

  12. Hola flower Jane, lots of time since my last visit... how I have enjoyed your blog, flowers, home and blog new design, congrats, everything is sooooo pretty here!!!!!
    off to see flowers in other homes, and visit mine, lots of flowers too!!

  13. I love a home filled with flowers and yours are so incredibly charming. I love your vases, each one a story and so unique. I have very few which is sad. Right now I have a bunch of tiny lavender tulips in a Starbucks cup / : The good news it's not a plastic cup!

    Jane have a lovely week just like your home xx

  14. that variety is named juliet for good reason. lovely flowers, lovely home. thanks for the peek!

  15. Lovely pics, Jane! Most of my "vases" are old tin cans, none of which have a story like most of yours do. Other than we eat canned tomatoes in the winter...

  16. I joined in via Rachel. How exquisite your quince blossom is. I have just the same balsamic vinegar bottle. It does very good service as a vase here too.

  17. Sue, Come and get it!

    Sherri B., Thank you. Sun out yet?

    Maria Cecilia, Hola, como esta? Of course I linked you right up. Who has more flowers in her house that you?

    Dumbwit teller, Ha! I've done that too. That's why they made the reusable ones right?

    anastasia, Thank you again for joining in. Why do MY garden roses never look like this?

    Karin, Ah, the tin can vase. Nothing is any of them?

    Lucille, Welcome! Now if we could find something clever to do with plastic bags.

  18. Hey Jane..yup. Loving it!..Sinead x

  19. Those roses are lovely. I could look at them all day. I wish I had one on my desk :)

  20. Late, but finally posted. Love you ranunculus! This was a fun idea. Have been plotting for days.

  21. It's up there, though it is an outside plant. My orchid did not feel like cooperating. Always love to see yours.

  22. Fun post, Jane! I want to eat those roses. No spray?

    I'd love to join the flowers at home gang. I'm kind of unprepared this week, but next Monday will be better. Promise. ; ) Thanks for the great idea!

  23. Jane,

    I feel so late to the party. The only flowers I have in my home right now are annuals that I saved from our brutal temperature shifts here in the lovely MN. They are blooming a little in the sunroom though!

    Your flowers (and those of the other blogs you mentioned) are just lovely. Thanks so much for doing this, really perked me up!

  24. I think we need to do this again - at least for a couple of weeks until it starts to warm up. Are you up for organizing?

  25. I finally got my shots done and was fun and a great idea, thanks!

  26. Jane,
    I have something for you. It is rather meager, but you inspired me!

  27. I just got back in town so sorry my post is a little late but I didn't forget!
    Your quince is GORGEOUS!!!! and I love how you took the picture through the mirror!

    Your home is charming...I love all the unique accents and of course, the flowers. :)

    I think you should have this party every Monday ~

  28. i love the first photo, so english looking! which i am totally into right now!

  29. i came over thanks to sarah @ my yellow house. love your flowers and sweet thrift store and found vases. looking forward to reading more!

  30. Your so good at this! When I put flowers in a vase, glass, or whatever, it always looks sad. Your arrangements, as simple as they are, are perfect!

  31. Really flowers has the power to catch eyes.....

  32. hi jane,

    i'm back and i love this i hope you do it again next monday.

    i love the first photo. is your front door turquoise? it looks it and how beautiful.

    i love the buddhas just chillin with the flowers.

    and i love that wallpaper, i wish i had some. oh yeah i do! i think of you every time i see it and tell the story to anyone who will listen. so obviously i think of you a lot.